We have a cook on-site preparing snacks and hot meals daily. All meals are provided by the school (early snack, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack) and adhere to recommended portion sizes and food groups. All food provided is Nut-Free. Examples of meals:

  • Pasta chicken, green beans, clementine & milk
  • Ground turkey taco with cheese,
  • lettuce & tomato, corn, clementine & milk
  • Chicken nuggets, tater tots, carrots, french roll
  • & milk
  • Turkey chili, beans, corn, clementine, cornbread
  • & milk
  • Chicken alfredo pasta, Normandy vegetables,
  • clementine & milk
  • Meatballs, roasted potatoes, carrots, pita bread & milk
  •  Cheese & pepperoni Pizza, Normandy style vegetables, clementine & milk
  •  Chicken fried rice, peas & carrots, pineapple & milk
  •  Cheese-burger, bun, sweet potato slices, clementine & milk
  •  Chicken, rice with Yoshida sauce, broccoli, pineapple & milk



Scrambled eggs and hash brows

Bagels & cream cheese

Pancakes and fresh fruit

English muffin with jelly and fresh fruit

Yogurt & peaches

Toast with jelly & fresh fruit

Berry muffins & fresh fruit

French toast & fresh fruit

Waffles & fresh fruit

Toasted raisin bread & sliced apples


Tortilla chips & nacho cheese

Pretzels (crackers) & fruit smoothie

Graham crackers & applesauce

‘Nilla Wafers & fresh fruit

Ritz Crackers & raisins

Saltine & Cheese Slices

Pita bread & hummus

Turkey slices & cheese cubes

Carrots with ranch & crackers

Whole wheat sandwich thins with turkey & cheese