Please call for our current opening hours – due to Covid

 At MGA, keeping your family and our team safe is of the utmost importance. Here are a few things we’re doing to help our community be safe and stay healthy. 

Daily Health Checks

Families and staff are required to complete a health check upon arrival each morning.  There is also a symptom checklist included on our digital sign in/out kiosk. We ask both families and staff to stay home when not unwell.


MGA asks that all people ages Two & up wear a face mask while inside the facility. No child under the age of two shall wear a facial covering.

Campus Cleanliness

MGA facilities are professionally cleaned and sanitized daily to help control the spread of germs. All cleaning and sanitizing products are EPA approved.

Our staff disinfects light switches, doorknobs, and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day. to reduce sharing art supplies, children are assigned individual markers, scissors, etc. Used toys are sanitized between children and at the end of each day.

 Keeping Groups Small

We are keeping groups small, in an effort to keep groups as consistent as possible and minimize exposure. To maintain the integrity of our small groups, staff are assigned to, and stay with, a specific group of children.

Hand Hygiene

The best and easiest way to keep ourselves and those around us heathy is to practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and throughout the building. We ask everyone entering our facility to use sanitizer before entering and wash their hands once inside and upon entering a room.

All staff are trained in frequent and proper handwashing. We also supervise children’s handwashing throughout the day, before eating, after using the restroom or if someone coughs or sneezes.


Thank you for your support and ongoing efforts in keeping our community healthy and safe!