Our Curriculum

Our approach to learning is based on The Creative Curriculum.TM This curriculum includes developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for children within four categories: social emotional, physical, cognitive and language. We use “open-ended” questions when speaking to the children to promote critical thinking problem-solving. Through play, children learn many new Social-Emotional skills to help them solve day-to-day problems. Learning through pretend play experiences builds imagination, promotes social skills and helps children gain a better understanding of daily experiences and social interactions.


Our teachers use documentation and observation of the children to research interests, make learning visible for parents, and assess the development of our children.  Lesson planning is also based on children’s developmental goals.  We determine developmental goals through a twice-yearly individual student assessment.

Lesson planning

Our goal is to create activities that stimulate all senses when creating our lesson plans. To enhance all developmental domains, we incorporate Science, Technology, Arts -Visual and Dramatic, Math, Social Studies, Health and Safety into our planning. Teachers carefully observe children’s interests and develop a curriculum that will keep children engaged.